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keskiviikko 4. kesäkuuta 2014

Online information improves public procurement

Public Procurement websites act as the information catalyst centres that link the customer and the service provider. This can happen independently from which part of the globe investors access such an information databank.

In a recent research project done through Global Research and Data services the findings proved that there is a growing number of countries that have levelled up to open public procurement websites. One aim of the project was to review if the websites offered opportunities for online registration, variety of language preferences, and prices for the items that are needed for the contracting deal. How well the website were laid out was looked at in terms of smooth navigation. Most important, the legitimacy of the information that goes with the business trades and contracts was checked.

The project aimed at select African and Middle Eastern countries including Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Iran, Pakistan and a few others. Many of these rapid developing countries in Africa and the neighbouring Middle East have taken into account the importance of investors to be able to rely on procurement websites. Also the different sectors of the governments are challenged to provide more information on contracting and subcontracting in such websites.

Innovative thinking for better solutions

Another important tool that investors and international suppliers would want to associate with their trade, is the need to let innovation to work alongside with public procurement. Many of the challenges that can be faced with any given community, say the need to build a facility such as a school or a hospital, can be done at any level of skill.  Through quality information gathering and innovative thinking, it brings in a far better solution in the areas that need expertise in it. 

Investing in innovative solutions for the procurement sectors plays a big role for a given company that deals with machinery that handles certain resources. It can improve the skills of the workers and make additions to the Research and Development department within the company. 

The project team learned improving public services and wanting to reduce certain costs, can partly be achieved by becoming more innovative in public procurement procedures.

Through innovative thinking and reliable information gathering for contracting, the project brings to the fore front the needs of the community, maintaining transparency within all levels in an organization. Importantly, this can be done without jeopardizing the employment rate or the correct use of the taxpayers’ money.

Text: Stanley Gitonga King’ori

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